Nurserydale Childcare provides a respectful, peaceful and caring environment where loving, reciprocal relationships underpin all that we do.  
We believe children learn best when their play and imagination is nurtured in a natural heartfelt way.


'I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you!  Ryan and I are both very grateful for finding Nurserydale as I can’t find a single fault.

  • Your communication (through notebooks, Storypark and all your staff knowing Stella, Ryan and myself, even though not being in their room)

  • Willingness to adapt (to Stella’s food while we build her tolerance to certain foods and steer away from sugar, plus routine, albeit not 100% your philosophy)

  • Everyone always being so friendly, greeting, and chatting too plus saying goodbye to myself, Ryan and Stella.

  • All the activities and sensory play

  • Most importantly, your alignment to latest research when it comes to primary care and evolving to keep primary carers through to 3 years of age.

  • Many other little things like celebrations for Chinese New Year, picnics, Christmas parties...

These really are appreciated and we feel grateful that we can entrust our girl in your hands.'

Roxy, Ryan and Stella

Meet Libby


Kia ora, my name is Libby Hunt and I am the centre owner/director here at Nurserydale Childcare. I joined Nurserydale in May 2014 and have never looked back, enjoying every moment!

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Our History


Mr James Stanley Levesque arrived here from New South Wales in the late 1890s. On arrival he bought land and set up a seed nursery shop and a sawmill company. He had one of the most self-sufficient nurseries in the Birkdale area. On his land he grew strawberries, apples, pears and loganberries.


The land his nursery grew on is the land that is now Birkdale North Primary, across the road from us.

Nurserydale Childcare was one of the first centre’s to open on the North Shore in the late 1960's and the first centre to open on Birkdale Road. The name “Nurserydale” is taken from the history of the area with all its fruit nurseries and the “dale” from Birkdale Road.