School Transition

Five year olds
Transition to School Programme


Kererū ātea (4 year olds) is a small group environment supported by two teachers.

The Kererū’s begin their day at 9:00am with a Waiata and Karakia before coming together for morning tea where their plans for the day are discussed.

An emphasis in this group is on self-management and helping children become confident, independent and resilient as they move towards more formal education.  Getting our 4 year olds ready for school is about empowering them to explore, wonder, develop theories, think critically, learn how to problem solve, and to show perseverance and persistence in finding out new information. This is encouraged through projects developed from the children’s interests.


Some activities might include;
  • Signing in (recognition of their own name/holding a pencil correctly)

  • Te Reo Maori, waiata, karakia, myths and legends

  • Board games and made up games

  • Magnetic stories/puzzles

  • Story books/puppets/music

  • Number recognition

  • Project work

  • Visits to the local rest home

  • Regular walks around the neighbourhood to help keep our environment clean.

  • Amazing Me programme, strategies for keeping ourselves safe

  • Mindfulness meditation


In May 2015 Education Review Office put out a report on Continuity of Learning and this led us to review how we work with our local schools.

Nurserydale now has a close relationship with six local schools, which we visit on a regular basis.  A month before one of our children leaves for school we write a report on their social competency and their learning dispositions. This has been well received by the reception teachers and we have a good understanding of what the children need to be able to do before they leave us.  One of our Kererū teachers will visit the school with the report, take photos and put together a booklet for the departing child – this they share with their friends at Nurserydale and their families.

We hold a graduation ceremony for each leaving child and we visit them once they have settled at school to ensure they know we still have a connection.