School Transition

Transition to School Programme

Kids PlaycentreThis is a small group environment preparing your child for their next learning challenge – school! Children are introduced to the Transition to School room after four years of age.

This group runs from 9:30am until 11:00am and is supported by two of our teachers: Mary and Leigh.

During this programme your child will learn and develop at their own individual level, concentrating on working individually on pre-writing and maths skills, including the basic letter formation, name and letter recognition and also group activities with the aim for the children to work together as a team independently of a teacher.

Art and creativity using natural resources are all part of the Transition to School programme – encouraging children to be respectful and aware of their environment.

Children Learning Self-help Skills

There is an emphasis on children learning self-help skills, something that is supported by new entrant teachers, these include;

  • Getting used to eating out of a lunchbox
  • Being able to recognise which shoe goes on which foot
  • Putting on/taking off their own clothes
  • Being aware of other children’s needs
  • Able to be independent with toileting and hygiene
  • Confidence in working out situations with their peer group

There is a routine mat time at the beginning and end of each session. Children are encouraged to take a lead role at this time.

Activities include:

  • Weather chart
  • Finger plays
  • Magnetic stories
  • Show and Tell
  • Story books/puppets
  • Day of the week/months of the year (English and Maori)

A lot of the children’s work and achievements are displayed on the walls so please as a parent feel free to go and explore the environment anytime.

We have connections with the local primary schools with regular visits.

Please feel free to contact Libby if you have any further questions or queries on (09) 483 8273 or email us via our contact page.