Parent Info

If you would like you can download a PDF version of this page.

Please take the time to read this information carefully, as it is important that you understand what we offer, the structure of Nurserydale and how we run. You are entrusting us with the care of your child, and we will do our best to meet your needs and those of your child.

About the Centre

Nurserydale is a privately owned childcare centre, owned and operated by Libby Hunt, the licensee. Libby is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and you can contact her anytime at the centre during work hours or on 021 912 570. Nurserydale’s 2IC is Kay Penman and Kay splits her time between the under two and over two areas.

We have your child’s best interest at heart, and to acknowledge this we feel we have chosen the most suitable staff to look after your child, working alongside our philosophy of believing that we provide a complimentary service to the parental care that you do.

We are chartered and we encourage all parents to read our policies (these are available by the sign-in sheets). Open communication is important; please feel free to discuss any areas of concern with the staff member you feel most comfortable with.

Our Programme

We have a structured routine and curriculum planned activities every day. These activities are designed to complement our children’s learning and to meet all their needs equally. We offer a balance of learning activities that are structured, free choice activities and an inside and outside flow for a large percentage of the day. Alongside this we run a “Transition to School” programme for our four year old children. The focus of this period is on pre-reading and pre-writing skills plus introducing more structured mat times and music times.

We meet all individual needs with regular nappy changing times, and meal-times (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and 5pm snack time).

Nurserydale Childcare works with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children in the Nursery and 1 adult to 7 children in the Over Two area; this is well above the Ministry of Education minimum standards. The majority of staff are Early Childhood trained and all are experienced to work with your children.


We ask that all parents bring their child into the centre and make sure that a staff member is aware that they have arrived, and are under staff supervision before leaving the premises. Please remember to sign the register when you arrive, and please make sure that you close the front gate securely before leaving. We cannot accept responsibility for children dropped off at the gate or door.

Please note that we are licensed for a total of 45 children per day/session. We are unable to go over these numbers that are specified in our licence; therefore it is important that children are collected at their correct session time by 12.30 for the morning session as we have the afternoon children starting at 12.30.

Legislation requires that if you have an alternative pickup option, that they are 14 years or older, as if they are not older than 14 years they are unable to take your child home.

Emergency Contact

The centre requires an emergency contact person, which needs to be filled in on your enrolment form. This person is the person/friend/relative whom we contact if we cannot contact you in any circumstances of illness/emergency/pickup.

Behaviour Guidelines

Harsh or threatening methods of discipline are not permitted in the centre. We pride ourselves on working together as a team on our positive behaviour protocols. We deal with this in ways such as positive distraction, offering the child a new challenge or focus, and sometimes a little time to themselves if needed in a quiet area of the centre such as book corner, or an activity area with supervision.

We are trained to deal with problems in a positive and warm manner, making sure each child has a sound understanding of what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable in the centre. This is done by discussing our centre rules and having a team of staff who all work together and have the same standards.

Bags and Spare Clothes

Every child needs to bring a named bag to Nurserydale with a full change of clothes.

During the summer months you need to provide a sunhat and in winter a warm hat, jacket and spare socks.

A bag is also needed to take home artwork, as your child is always so proud to take home any work that they do during their day.

If your child is in nappies, please make sure that they have a supply at Nurserydale; or a few in their bag every time they come. In emergencies we do have some centre nappies available and these will be added to your invoice.


We have a cook who prepares our daily meals, so there is no need for your child to bring

in extra food. If you are unsure of what your child is eating please ask a staff member.

Please state in your child’s enrolment form whether they are unable to eat certain foods or have a food allergy. We need to add your child’s allergy to the Allergy list and inform our cook as to alternate arrangements.

The daily menu is on display in our entrance way (above the shoe shelf), and also on the whiteboard in the kitchen entrance way. This is updated each day for your information.

Our meals are prepared to meet the children’s daily requirements. We base our menu on the Healthy Heart Foundation checklist for Early Childhood Centres.


If your child is on medication please give it to a staff member when you arrive, and make sure you fill out the medicine chart fully (by the sign- in register) so we are able to administer the medication correctly.

Please DO NOT leave medicine in your child’s bag!

If your child is on regular medication (eg. ventolin) please see Libby or Kay as you will need to fill out a specific form to go with your enrolment pack.

Parents have a choice as to whether they decide to immunise their child or not, however, if you do choose to immunise your child, we are required to maintain a copy of the certificate at the centre, and we will maintain a register for the immunisation of children.

Trips out of the centre are always pre-arranged and organised. A notice is given out a few weeks beforehand and parents are always notified of these with plenty of notice. We rely on parent helpers to go on any excursions and we strive for a high child/parent ratio. All parents will need to fill out a permission slip for their child to leave the centre.

Trips are always a lot of fun and an important part of your child’s learning, and sometimes our planned trips are an extension of our centre focus, or sometimes just a fun outing! We mostly hire a bus for our trips, and a staff member is always left at the centre for emergencies.

Personal Toys

We do try and restrict the use of toys from home, and therefore do discourage these to be brought in. The main reason for this, is that they can get lost or broken and we do not want to be responsible for looking and finding these toys are the end of the day, or to be responsible for making sure that the toys are well looked after. Please try and leave these ‘special’ things in the car when you drop off your child.

Your child will have a ‘show and tell’ time, and this is a rostered time for sharing something from your child to the teacher and the children. This is a great time for the children to interact with their peers, gain confidence talking within a group, and for sharing something special with others. There are many things that your child can find to be of interest to talk about with their friends/peers, so please encourage this (eg: a photo, a pamphlet of something they have been to, something from the garden etc) and on occasion a toy may be necessary, but not a regular occurrence please.

Rest/Sleep Time

All the children will have the opportunity to have a sleep/rest time early afternoon. They will have their own individual bed, and their own bedding that we do provide (kept in their own named special bag). We do supply sheets and blankets, but if they have a special one or you would prefer to provide them for your child you are most welcome.

During the rest/sleep time there is a staff member present at all times, (with the exception of the baby sleep room), where they have a staff in there for their settling time, then this is monitored permanently and we do 10 minute checks on the children – which are recorded and available for you to see if needed anytime.

For the over two’s a sleep chart is available for you to check what time your child went to sleep and how long they slept for. This is displayed for you in the main entrance way on a hook. Please feel free to ask a staff anytime if you have any questions on the sleeping policy of the centre. We do meet each individual child’s needs, and this includes their sleeping needs, therefore if they are tired or we feel they need a sleep we will offer it to the child. Sometimes this can be frustrating if you are having problems at home with sleeping, and please feel free to discuss your concerns with us, but please keep in mind that if your child is with us for a long day, they will more often than not need to have a sleep or rest to rejunivate themselves for the afternoon ahead of them. Most of our children have a sleep or rest until they are ready to outgrow them themselves rather than us keep them awake for personal purposes.

Centre Hours and Holidays

The centre is open from 7.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We close on all Statutory Holidays, but remain open over the Christmas period.

A late fee of $10 per 5 minutes will be charged if you arrive at the centre after 5.30pm.

Please pay this directly to the teacher left minding your child. We all have our own families and commitments and appreciate you making every effort to arrive before 5:30pm.

When you return your enrolment form, we require a week’s fees in advance, so when you start you will always be a week ahead, our centre requirement.

If for any reason you decide not to take the position and we have held the space for your child, the deposit you have previously paid, is non-refundable.

Fees are charged when your child is absent due to sickness or for any other reason.

Fees will be charged for all statutory holidays. We are unable to substitute or provide in-lieu days for statutory holidays.

Once your child has been attending Nurserydale Childcare continuously for 6 months you are entitled to two weeks holiday with a 50% discount on fees (but only if the account is at zero or in credit). Additional holidays will be charged at the full fee.


If your child is sick and going to be away, please give us a call and let us know. This is important not just for marking your child absent, but also for us to know what is going around, and what sicknesses we have at certain times to protect our other children.

If you child has vomiting or diarrhoea, we do have a strict policy that they are to be kept at home for 24 hours after the last incident. This is to try and avoid other children getting infected. This also applies to a child having a high temperature and requiring Pamol or treatment.


We do regular newsletter once a month. We also have a daily board out the front which the staff update to inform you of a focus of our day. We pride ourselves on an open communication with our parents, and will often have a chat at the end of the day to you, so please feel free to discuss anything with us if you need to.

We do have a centre email: or call us anytime on the landline: (09) 483-8273 or Libby 021 912 570.

Libby and the team at Nurserydale