Staff Bios

The Nurserydale Childcare Team

Nurserydale values the importance of relationships and builds on respectful interactions between children and their educators.  The focus of Te Whaariki (the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum) is also on the child and how we value different relationships children can learn from as they grow and develop.

Our long serving and loyal staff provide your child with a nurturing, safe and supportive environment in which to learn and thrive.  Despite our many years of care and teaching experience, we regularly undergo further professional development so that your child may receive the best possible early childhood experiences.

All our permanent teachers have their Comprehensive First Aid certificates which are renewed every two years.

Libby Hunt

Hi, my name is Libby Hunt and I am the centre owner/director here at Nurserydale Childcare; my husband and I purchased Nurserydale in May 2014.

Pete and I have three boys who are in various stages of High School and University.

I hold a Diploma of Teacher Early Childhood (1989) and also completed Level 3 of the Playcentre Certificate (2006). I have taught in early childhood centres and primary schools for 20 plus years, eight of those at Maungawhau Playcentre, where I also mentored new mothers and organised/facilitated ECE training.

Nurserydale is a small, family orientated centre with genuinely strong, respectful and loving relationships between the teachers and children. The first thing that strikes you when you walk into the centre is how happy our children are.

I have a strong passion for Early Childhood education and enjoy the challenges that go with making sure we are always moving forward together towards Best Practise.

Libby Hunt
Kay Penman

Kay Penman

Hi, my name is Kay Penman and I am the 2IC at Nurserydale Childcare. I hold a NZQA qualification in Early Childhood. I have lived in Birkdale for 40 years and I have spent over 20 years teaching and caring for the children at Nurserydale.

My own child attended Nurserydale and I know first-hand how well our children are cared for and extended in this nurturing environment.

I am committed to empowering and supporting children and their families so together we can help our children to become well-rounded, confident and competent learners.

Mary Kay

Hi, my name is Mary Kay.  I am a fully registered Early Childhood educator and I have worked with preschool children for the past forty years.   I have worked in a range of state and private kindergartens on North Shore and spent ten years working internationally.

I have been a teacher at Nurserydale since 2005 and I enjoy working here as it enables me to pursue my passion for ECE, particularly in a setting which includes a range of cultures which is something I love.

I initiated the transition to school programme here at Nurserydale and continue to operate this with the support of management.

I enjoy participating in professional development opportunities so that I keep abreast of current thinking in Early Childhood education.

Mary Kay
Cathie Hunter

Cathie Hunter

Hi, my name is Cathie Hunter.  I have worked in ECE for 14 years, 10 of these years being at Nurserydale.

Over the 10 years I have seen many children and their families pass through our centre.  The teaching staff have all worked together for a very long time, which makes us a strong dedicated team.  We are family oriented and as most of us have lived in the area most of our lives, we have gotten to know the families well. The children in our centre are happy, energetic, curious learners.  We are dedicated to ensuring the children in our care get the best possible start to their learning adventure.

About me:  I love what I do, each child is an individual with their own likes, dislikes and ways of dealing with their world. I am blessed to be able to spend time getting to know these children, to understand who they are and how they learn. Helping a child explore, inquire, learn and grow, in a way that is right for them is a very special part of being an Early Childhood Teacher.

Sheenu Narayan

Sheenu Lata

Hi, my name is Sheenu Lata, I teach in the under 2’s area at Nurserydale.

I graduated from Massey University in 2011 with a Graduate Diploma in ECE teaching. I began my teaching career at Nurserydale childcare centre in December 2011.

I am grateful to be working in an environment with such a supportive team that provides high quality care and learning opportunities for young children.

I find working with infant and toddlers very enjoyable and rewarding work.
Nurserydale Childcare provides a home like fun filled environment with
wonderful opportunities for teachers and children to learn and grow together as a family.

Leigh Penman

Hi, my name is Leigh Penman, but the kids call me Leelee.  I have lived most of my life in Birkdale and have enjoyed working at Nurserydale since 1998.  I have two children and two grandchildren.  I love this work as every day is different and the families have such a strong sense of community.  This environment is rich in learning for both the children and teachers alike.

Leigh Penman
Kaliyani Reddy

Kaliyani Reddy

Hi, my name is Kaliyani Reddy.  I am originally from Fiji.  I have two boys and two grandchildren.  I have a Bachelor of Teaching in ECE and have worked at Nurserydale for six years as a childcare educator.

I enjoy working with a great team of teachers, and carrying on my passion for caring and supporting young children in their individual journeys.

Charmaine Bhana

Charmaine Bhana

Hi, my name is Charmaine.  I am a fully registered Early Childhood educator and I am currently working at Nurserydale covering Karen who is on maternity leave for a year.  I have enjoyed relieving at Nurserydale over the last seventeen years and over these years have built up strong relationships with children and whanau in the Nurserydale community.

I have four beautiful children who all attend local schools.  I have lived in the Beachhaven/Birkdale area for twenty three years.  I believe we have a very strong and spirited community, full of culture and diversity.

I am passionate about the development and early learning of young children, and enjoy seeing children develop a love for learning.